custom stained glass replacement colorado springs church


Scottish Stained Glass has experience developing stained glass solutions for all residential, commercial and religious clients inside and outside the Colorado Springs area including residential homes, hotels, bars, casinos, and restaurants as well as churches, temples, chapels and community centers.

Stained Glass Bathroom Windows – Scottish Stained Glass provides beautiful stained glass solutions to any area of your home and one of the most popular applications is in bathrooms. Bathrooms with stained glass windows are a great solution to provide privacy without jeopardizing the natural light that comes from windows.

Entryway & Door Stained Glass – One of our most popular stained glass applications in Colorado are our leaded glass entryways. By using textured glass on your sidelights and front door, you can create a welcoming and inviting impression on your visitors.

Stained Glass Sidelights – Our custom stained glass is an extremely versatile product, which means we can usually create something for any area of the home. Still, adding stained glass to sidelights has always remained the most popular application of leaded and textured glass.

Stained Glass Kitchen Windows – Kitchens are the heart of the home so let us help you make it even more loved by showing your personal style with custom stained glass.

Transom Stained Glass Windows – Homes with high ceilings will usually have transom windows. Commonly set up higher than your standard windows, transom windows tend to be a little smaller because they take on more decorative shapes. Many people decide to install stained glass to add privacy when their transom windows have clear glass.

Antique Stained Glass – Colorado has many beautiful Victorian style homes throughout its area. No wonder antique stained glass is a popular choice. How to spot the differences in the styles are modern pieces use more abstract designs and often colorless glass while antique styles often include bright colors and nature-mimicking designs like flowers and trees.

Religious Stained Glass Colorado Springs – One of the most well- known applications of our product, or any stained glass installation, is in churches. Religious groups have been using stained glass for over 400 years and many all over the world are filled with these beautiful pieces.

Commercial Stained Glass Colorado Springs – When you own a business you want your customers to have a very unique experience. Scottish Stained Glass can create a custom piece of glass to enhance the look and feel of your company. Many of our clients who choose us are hotels, bars, casinos, and even retail locations.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Colorado Springs – At Scottish Stained Glass Denver, we can create stained glass designs in many different styles. However, we have dedicated an entire section to Frank Lloyd Wright because of his incredible influence on the stained glass industry as a whole.