Stained Glass for Kitchen Windows

One of the most beautiful and unique locations in your home is the kitchen. The room where you and your whole family spend lots of time and where all the guests end up after a party! Kitchens are the heart of the home so let us help you mlove your kitchen even more by showing your personal style with custom stained glass.

Pantry doors, cabinets or side windows near neighboring homes are great locations for stained glass pieces. Get some inspiration by browsing our window gallery and see the many options you have or your kitchen today!

Kitchen Stained Glass in Colorado Springs

With our designers help you will be sure to end up with something beautiful in your kitchen windows or doors. No matter which architectural style you choose we will take care in helping you find the perfect piece of stained glass.
Adding stained glass to an exterior window in your kitchen is one of the most common choices our clients decide. The beautiful textured and beveled glass can hide an ugly view of a neighboring property while allowing natural sunlight in your home. An even more unique option is adding stained glass to cabinets or pantry doors. Whether you are looking to showcase the contents of the cabinets or hide them inside or a combination of both; Scottish Stained Glass can work with you on finding the perfect balance of function and style. Our designers will assist you to find a way to add your personal style that flows with the rest of your home. Being part of the design process allows you to choose a work of art for your home. We build every custom window locally in our Colorado studio insuring the finest quality at affordable prices.

Scottish Stained Glass Colorado Springs

For over 20 years our experienced and reliable team has been building beautiful leaded glass kitchen windows in the Colorado area, providing a high quality lasting product for your home. If you have ideas, questions, or need help with any type of stained glass project for your kitchen or any other area in your house, please call us today at 719-380-9193 and we will be happy to answer all your questions. Our FREE consultation service is available to all Colorado Springs residents and those in Monument and surrounding towns.

Martin Faith is a highly skilled stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. He has been studying the history, evolution, and techniques behind stained glass creation for over 35 years. Since 1991, he has been running his own stained glass studio based out of Colorado. Martin feels a personal connection to stained glass because of his Scottish heritage and has dedicated his life's work to its preservation and continuity. Using the same techniques which have been passed down for generations, Martin uses his expertise to create custom stained glass windows for Colorado Springs homes, businesses, and churches. He and his team have performed countless restorations for aging and antique stained glass and have produced over 50,000 original works to date.