Stained Glass Design & Styles

Home Stained Glass Elements and Styles

Are you looking to add a stunning, customized stained glass window to your home? Look no further! Our professional designers specialize in creating exquisite works of art with just the right elements. In this post, we will provide insight into some of the most popular pieces and what they bring to our unique designs. Read on for more information about these beautiful components so that you can determine which features best suit your desired stained glass windows!

Stained Glass for Colorado Springs Homes

Transform the look of your home with a unique stained glass display! From traditional pieces depicting religious imagery to more contemporary interpretations featuring abstract shapes and dynamic colors, you can find just the right piece for your space. With such an extensive variety from which to choose, there are truly no limits when it comes to designing with stained glass.

With dazzling stained glass, you can enjoy greater privacy and still let natural light filter through your home. From rich hues to leaded cames and curved tiles, the possibilities are endless! More than ever before, this timeless beauty is now customizable to match the style of any Colorado Springs dwelling. Allow yourself a work of art that inspires admiration while bringing in warmth from outside – with stained glass.

Why Stained Glass Works Well in Colorado Springs Homes

Stained glass is a classic beauty that is having a resurgence in Colorado Springs abodes today. Its mesmerizing colors and textures can bring any room to life, and its timeless elegance adds chicness to windows, doors, and more! Not only does it look stunning but also exudes warmth and style – what’s not to like?

Not only does stained glass add a beautiful aesthetic to a property’s design, but [...]

A Closer Look at Medieval Stained Glass and Its Importance

Are the stained glass windows in your church looking a little shabby? If so, they may need to be repaired. You may feel hesitant about spending money to fix them…is it really worth the expense? Well, if your stained glass is old enough, it very well could be. In fact, it may be worth far more than the cost of repairs. Older varieties of stained glass, like Medieval Stained Glass, are very rare and culturally valuable. These windows should be preserved at all costs, if feasible. The reason is, even though they’re older, they’re often more valuable and beautiful than modern works. Let us explain.
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    What Is Dalle Stained Glass? A Brief Overview of Dalle de Verre

What Is Dalle Stained Glass? A Brief Overview of Dalle de Verre

While there are many different styles of stained glass, few have retained their popularity over time as well as Dalle de Verre. What is Dalle de Verre, you ask? Well, it’s a certain type of stained glass window produced using a very specific technique. The result is a bright, luminescent window with a beautiful mosaic design. In this post, our Colorado Springs team will explain everything you need to know about Dalle Stained Glass.

A Closer Look at Beveled Glass Vs Leaded Glass

Beveled and leaded glass windows are both popular choices for Colorado Springs homeowners who want privacy but prefer the aesthetic of clear glass instead of colorful glass. Clear glass is much more popular nowadays for modern architectural styles. And it also allows for a lot of freedom. With colored glass, you don’t get as much versatility. If you’re the type of person who is constantly repainting and redecorating, or if you don’t plan to stay in your home for a long time, then beveled or leaded windows with clear glass may be the perfect option for you. Here are the major differences between these two stained glass styles.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Contributions

The Beautiful Design Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright
The Frank Lloyd Wright name probably makes you think of lovely homes from the ’50s with lovely straight lines and bold colors but perhaps not stained glass windows.  But, as it turns out. Frank Lloyd Wright was a stained glass artist and a prolific one at that. Although he is most known for his architectural feats and the originator of the “Mid-century Modern”  style, his design sense also spanned into various mediums– like stained glass.
Frank Lloyd Wright The Stained Glass Artist
Frank Lloyd Wright accomplished quite a bit in his 70-year design career.  Not only did he make a profoundly lasting mark on the American design scape but also worked wonders with stained glass too.  All of his designs, stained glass, architectural and otherwise, are still relevant today almost 100 years later. But his stained glass work is simply inspired–and prolific as well–he designed well over 4,000 leaded glass windows and doors for over 150 of his buildings.
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Stained Glass Style
Wright created stained glass not just for windows but for doors, skylights, backlit ceiling panels, table lamps, and wall sconces too.  The reason for his incredible success in the stained glass arena was that he bucked tradition. He didn’t think of stained glass as lead and glass but rather referred to them as “light screens”.  He likened them to Japanese shoji screens. This is apparent in his work since he arranged his windows in bands–not unlike shoji screens. Wright also used zinc-or copper-plated came configuration, while all others of the time were still using traditional lead.  This allowed him to create geometric representations of natural elements such as plants, trees, flowers, [...]

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    The Timeless Look Of Prairie Style Stained Glass For Your Colorado Springs Home

The Timeless Look Of Prairie Style Stained Glass For Your Colorado Springs Home

The Wonderful Beginnings Of The Prairie Style

Although you may have heard of the ultra-trendy mid-century modern because it seems to be all the rage these days.  We agree it is a pretty fantastic style. However, what you may not realize is this design style and many others came to be in large part by the influence of designer Frank Lloyd Wright. He was an amazing and prolific architect/designer who is widely recognized as the grandfather of the mid-century modern style which is still revered and relevant today.  He also created the Prairie style which is as much of an aesthetic as it is a philosophy and one he had a lot of passion for. Today it is still one of the most popular stained glass styles on the market, and for good reason–it is stunning. Read below to find out why.

What Is Prairie Style Stained Glass

You likely envision the American prairie as endless fields with distinct horizon lines stretching on for miles and miles without constraint.  This type of expanse filled full of light and openness is exactly the feel that Wright was trying to convey in his architecture and stained glass.  Dramatic lines that zig-zagged evenly without intrusion on inside or outside world are the hallmarks of Wright’s work. He was very interested in how light entered a room and considered it,  as well as the glass, a key part of the design of a house. The integrity of the materials he used, from stone to wood to glass and everything in between was very important to him. This meant he did not want to try and hide or change the glass but rather allow the glass to be itself [...]

Celtic Style Stained Glass for Your Colorado Springs Home

There is perhaps no type of stained glass more exquisite and alluring than Celtic style stained glass. Celtic stained glass makes a beautiful addition to Colorado Springs homes when added to entryway and bathroom windows. The Celtic knot is both beautiful and meaningful and has been used in various mediums of decorative art for centuries, dating possibly as far back the 8th Century B.C. When rendered in stained glass, Celtic knots are mesmerizing.
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    Tiffany Style Stained Glass For An Elegant Colorado Springs Home!

Tiffany Style Stained Glass For An Elegant Colorado Springs Home!

Stained Glass Styles For Colorado Springs
At Colorado Springs Stained Glass, there have been many times that we have heard the terms “Tiffany Glass” Or “Tiffany Style” Stained Glass” from our customers. What some people may not realize is they are actually two similar, but different things. Tiffany Glass, on the one hand, was a style was developed and refined in the Tiffany studios between 1878 to 1933. On the other hand, Tiffany style stained glass is any glass created outside of the Tiffany studio, using a look similar to Tiffany Stained Glass. The tell-tale characteristics of Tiffany glass that Tiffany style makers aim to emulate are the bold textures and deep hues using light as an impetus rather than paint. Tiffany stained glass is such a lovely American style that it is no wonder many people want a similar look in their homes, including those here in Colorado Springs. At Colorado Springs Stained Glass, we get many requests for it no doubt because it lends any home an air of elegance and sophistication. In bedrooms and entryways especially, we find it works well.
Colorado Springs Stained Glass For Your Stained Glass Masterpiece
At Colorado Springs Stained Glass, not only do we have the ability to use similar techniques to this highly refined style, we are always happy to use something as beautiful as Tiffany as inspiration for your custom stained glass! We have outlined some different inspiring Tiffany looks and techniques below to inspire you too!

Opalescent Glass: The term “opalescent glass” is commonly used to describe glass where more than one color is present. It is very shiny with an almost raw pearl-like quality.

Favrile Glass: Often has a distinctive characteristic that is common [...]

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    Add Beautiful Stained Glass Transoms to Your Colorado Springs Home

Add Beautiful Stained Glass Transoms to Your Colorado Springs Home

Have a New Year’s resolution of finally tackling those long neglected home improvement projects? We’ve got some advice for your home renovations that you don’t want to miss out on. While you may be tempted, there’s good reason you should skip out on all those makeshift pinterest DIY projects and opt for something with higher quality craftsmanship. Give your space an upgrade that has real value and beauty by adding stained glass transoms to your Colorado Springs home.

Gorgeous Transom Windows for Your Colorado Springs Home

Transom Stained Glass Window In Colorado Springs
Transom windows are those beautiful windows seen above doors and other windows. They are traditionally arched but rectangular transom windows are by no means unheard of. Although no one knows for sure exactly when these windows were invented, they can be seen as far back as the gothic era of architecture and gained popularity in the 19th and 20th century in the US. They are even commonplace on old and new homes right here in Colorado Springs.


Stained Glass For Your Home’s Transom Window
The often overlooked transom window has practical as well as decorative purposes for your home. The most obvious benefits of these windows are that they let natural light into houses, often times into entryways where additional light is needed. As an architectural element, they fill unappealing large spaces between the top of a window or door and the beginning of the next level. Colorado Springs Stained Glass deals with transom windows as they relate to your Colorado Springs home as a design element. Stained glass windows are a way to add exciting shapes, patterns, and textures to you your house. Since these windows are visible from inside and outside of your house, they are the perfect pallet for a homeowner to express themselves while adding value to their home.
Stained Glass Transoms Outside: Stained glass transom windows add curb appeal to the outside of your house. When it comes time to sell your house, more curb appeal will translate into an increase in your home’s selling price.
‘Stained Glass Transoms Inside: There is no better way to spice up a bland entryway than to add stained glass to your transom window. Not only will [...]