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    The Three Top Reasons Denver Homeowners Install Stained Glass 

The Three Top Reasons Denver Homeowners Install Stained Glass 

In the last quarter-century, we have aided many homeowners in Colorado Springs with installing stained glass on their homes. Unanimously, our customers have been pleased with the results. Stained glass not only augments a home’s beauty but provides other advantages as well. Here are three primary reasons our clients come to us initially for stained glass installation services.

Stained Glass For  Privacy in Your Colorado Springs Home

Stained glass is a top privacy solution for Colorado Springs homeowners because, as this metropolis has grown, residences have been erected closer to one another. This phenomenon creates the need for stained glass in parts of homes that require privacy, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Furthermore, sidelights next to front doors are also popular locations for stained glass since it provides not only privacy but security.

Stained Glass for Adding Resale Value to Your Colorado Springs Home

Adding stained glass is a great way to increase your home’s value, both in terms of curb appeal and appraised value. Many customers come to us looking for lovely stained glass windows to upgrade the decor of their homes, but what they don’t realize is that stained glass also comes with a significant financial return on investment. In fact, stained glass often appraises for over 10x the initial cost, making it one of the smartest investments you can make in your Colorado Springs home.

Stained Glass For a Custom Colorado Springs Home Look

A lot of the people who buy stained glass from us are looking for a custom look to their home. There is truly nothing better to add unique style to a home than stained glass. Whether it is created for a modern or vintage home, stained glass will fit right in. Also, we [...]

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    How to Create a Customized Look for Your Home with Colorado Springs Stained Glass

How to Create a Customized Look for Your Home with Colorado Springs Stained Glass

When you hear the term “stained glass” your mind probably instantly jumps to images of the massive stained glass windows in old European churches like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Sainte-Chapelle de Paris. While religious stained glass continues to remain popular, today’s architects actually use stained glass in a whole new way, one of the primary purposes being to enhance the aesthetic look of homes. Whether you own a new home or an older property in Colorado Springs, stained glass can make a stunning addition. It adds a burst of color, creates a focal point for the room, and controls the way light enters and fills your home. In fact, many homeowners and designers have found stunning ways to incorporate stained glass into their home. Below are a few of our favorites.
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    Stained & Leaded Glass Dramatically Increases Your Colorado Spring Home’s Resale Value

Stained & Leaded Glass Dramatically Increases Your Colorado Spring Home’s Resale Value

Stained & Leaded Glass: A Good Investment For Your Colorado Springs Home
Stained and or leaded glass speaks for itself when it comes to beauty. Ostensibly, the beautiful lines and patterns, natural or geometric are entrancing and just an all around lovely addition to a home. Likewise, their function is plain to see, as they add not only beauty but privacy and class to any location in your Colorado Springs home. While the artistry and practicality are something most of our potential clients are aware of, one thing that people often overlook when it comes to stained and leaded glass is its dramatic impact on home resale values–real and perceived. That’s right, should you ever decide to put your Colorado Springs home they boost you get from your custom stained glass window(s) will make you glad you made such a wise investment!
How Does Stained Glass Affect The Value Of My Colorado Springs Home?
The part stained glass plays in affecting the value of your Colorado Springs home is two-fold.

Real Value: It is fairly simple to understand how stained glass can affect your home’s resale value. Essentially, a stained glass window appraises for significantly more per square foot than what you paid per square foot. In fact, the multiplier is larger than one might expect–sometimes as high as 10X what you originally paid. Meaning, for example, if you paid $600 for a 3ft X 3ft window, it could appraise for as much as $6000 when you go to sell–that’s a big profit!

Perceived Value: Stained and leaded glass affects the perceived value of your Colorado Springs home by making your home appear more expensive and attractive to potential buyers. Stained glass can:
-Draws attention to [...]

Revive your kitchen with custom stained glass.

With custom kitchen stained glass, Colorado Springs homeowners can get a taste of that kitchen remodel they’ve been dreaming of. Or just add color, texture, interest, uniqueness, and beauty to their kitchens. Or add value to their homes. Or any and all of the above!