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    Reasons to Work with Our Stained Glass Art Experts in Colorado Springs

Reasons to Work with Our Stained Glass Art Experts in Colorado Springs

Did you know that stained glass art has been used to decorate buildings for hundreds of years? The use of stained glass as art can be dated back to Egyptian times. While stained glass became very popular in churches, it was also used in homes belonging to the wealthy and aristocratic members of society. Now, even today, stained glass remains a popular choice for many modern architectural designs. Take a look at some of Colorado Springs’ most popular hotels and restaurants. You’re bound to find art glass in some of them! People love the elegant look of stained glass art. It instantly brightens up any room and creates a high-end feel. That’s why if you’re looking for some unique art to add to your Colorado Springs property, you should work with our art glass experts!

Stained Glass Art Experts for Colorado Springs

Stained glass, like other forms of art, needs to be restored throughout its lifetime to combat the inevitable degradation time brings. There are two ways in which to go about doing this. Which avenue you choose depends on what your ultimate goal is in restoring the stained glass in your Colorado Springs home, church or commercial space. However, either way, is perfectly acceptable aesthetically and will have your stained glass piece looking fantastic again.
Stained Glass Restoration True to the Original Artist’s Intent
When we restore stained glass here at Colorado Springs Stained Glass we make sure we utilize our many well-trained stained glass experts to analyze the original stained glass intent. What this means is looking at the styles of the time the piece was created, understanding the materials of the time and historical context. We then use modern techniques to replicate the exact style of your stained glass artwork as closely as possible to the original artist’s intent. This is the most common restoration we do. The reason for this is new materials are easier to source, better for making the piece durable and are virtually indistinguishable from the original work. However, the appearance could vary slightly and under scrutiny–these changes may be recognized.
Stained Glass Restoration True to the Original Artist’s Work/Style
When we do restorations that stay true to the original artist’s exact style–we do not deviate from materials and techniques that were used in that era and by that artist. While presumably this can be done–it is more difficult and more expensive and sometimes may be impossible Why? Let’s look at Tiffany’s stained glass for instance. To restore a tiffany piece staying true to the very unique Tiffany process, [...]