Altar’d State Showcases Scottish Stained Glass in New Store
As part of the Scottish Group family of companies we here at Colorado Springs Stained Glass were privileged enough to work with a national retail store, Altar’d State, on a monumental stained glass project. This was our second time working with them and the results were stunning. Working closely with this faith-based clothing retailer, we completed the project on time and with beautiful results that speak for themselves! Since Altr’d State opens new stores across the country each year, meeting deadlines was critical. But here at Colorado Springs Stained Glass, we are well-equipped, with dedicated project managers, to get the job done right and on time. Something Altr’d State already knew from our last job with them. To learn a little bit more about this amazing retail stained glass project and how it successfully came together–read below.
The Scope of The Altr’d State Retail Stained Glass Project
Altr’d State needed 16 curved panels to come together for a 12-foot diameter circular ceiling feature. This was to be built and installed in their Norwalk, CT store. The challenge was staying true to the look of the last Altr’d State installation while working with the unique shape of the curved stained glass features. However, it certainly was not a challenge we could not handle.
The Execution of The Altr’d State Retail Stained Glass Project
With close attention to our previous designs for the company and the curved shape of the structure, we built custom wooden forms for each panel. This meant creating a positive and negative form so we could work on both sides of the installation. The most important part of the job was designing each [...]