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Stained Glass Design Ideas for Modern Kitchens

As far as the world of design is concerned there simply is no better design accent in a kitchen than a lovely stained glass window. While some may think that stained glass is an outdated design element–nothing could be further than the truth! For the modern home here in Colorado Springs and across the country, stained glass is an incredibly modern and attractive addition. To see just how wonderful it can be for your home, just look below at some of our favorite uses of stained glass in kitchens and see its modern appeal for yourself.
Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinets
A great use for stained glass in kitchens is on cabinet doors. It gives an amazing aesthetic and is incredibly truly eye-catching as well. However, the absolute best part about stained glass as cabinet doors in your kitchens is that you get plenty of coverage for clutter but still maintain a modern open cabinet feel.

Stained Glass Kitchen Windows Over Sinks
Stained glass over sinks in kitchens is useful in keeping you from staring into your neighbor’s home while doing you are absent-mindedly doing dishes. However, it also keeps eyes out of your kitchen as well. Also, since the kitchen is the most lived-in space in your home, it’s a great place to get creative with modern stained glass styles to accent your home. Nothing looks better with a crisp white modern decor in a home kitchen than the clean lines and stand-out pops of color–than stained glass.

Stained Glass Room Divider
Open floor plans are all the rage right now and for good reason–they really make good use of space. However, they can also leave you wanting for at least a bit of separation [...]

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    Questions to Ask Before You Begin your Stained Glass Restoration Project in Colorado Springs

Questions to Ask Before You Begin your Stained Glass Restoration Project in Colorado Springs

While many churches today contain stained glass windows, few churches are equipped with knowledge about stained glass restoration in Colorado Springs. This is due partly to the fact that stained glass is such an old art form, and one that’s not practiced very commonly today, that most people today simply aren’t aware of how to take care of it and preserve it. The other reason is that there are very few studios that are actually qualified to conduct a process as intensive as stained glass restoration. For this reason, many churches neglect to get the repairs they need for their stained glass before its too late. This is extremely unfortunate since antique stained glass is such a rarity. Once it has been damaged extensively and the pieces begin to fall out and shatter, the stained glass is at risk of being lost forever.

Exploring Beautiful Stained Glass Churches in the South

Stained glass is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful art forms. Just take a look in churches across the South and you will discover how beautiful and captivating stained glass really is. The way that light floods in through the glass and brings colors, images, and illustrations to life is truly captivating. The experience itself is almost spiritual, so it’s no wonder that even modern churches contain to include stained glass in their architectural designs. Furthermore, stained glass creates a beautiful backdrop for gatherings and ceremonies. Churches with stained glass windows are gorgeous locations for hosting baptisms, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special events. In photographs, stained glass helps to add color and create an upscale, artistic look. If you’re a stained glass lover, there some destinations in the US that you don’t want to miss out on. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most beautiful stained glass churches in the South.

Stained Glass We Love: La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Colorado Springs Stained Glass is really passionate about stained glass and everything about this industry! As our company grows, the more stained glass masterpieces that we find the more inspiration for our stained glass artisans. One of our favorite stained glass collections is found in La Sagrada Familia located in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. The stained glass collection in La Sagrada Familia is breath-taking and we highly recommend adding this property to your bucket list.
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    Colorado Springs Stained Glass Myths: Stained Glass Breaks Easier Than Regular Windows

Colorado Springs Stained Glass Myths: Stained Glass Breaks Easier Than Regular Windows

Why Stained Glass Is Durable Enough For Your Colorado Springs Church
If you are like many churches in the Colorado Springs area you either have or want stained glass in your church not only because it is traditional but because it is absolutely gorgeous too! However, we often hear from churches like you that stained glass is something your church is holding off on purchasing because you believe it to be too fragile of a window to invest in. After all, churches are often on tight budgets and simply can’t afford to buy an amazing window only to risk it breaking at some point in the near future. We, at Colorado Springs Stained Glass, are here to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth and want to take the time to set the record straight on the durability of stained glass for churches.
The Durability Of Stained Glass And What This Means For Your Colorado Springs Church
Stained glass, as you may not know, is actually just as strong as regular glass. This is in large part because the composition is nearly identical to the glass you have in your windows right now. In fact, leaded stained glass, in some ways is stronger than a normal glass window because often times breakage is limited to just one panel, so you don’t need to replace the whole window–just one panel. Furthermore, if you have stained glass in your church right now from the early part of the 20th century, that glass could actually be stronger than today’s glass because of the formula turn of the century American glass makers used! This doesn’t mean stained glass windows in your church will never need repair, [...]

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    Repairing Bulging or Sagging Stained Glass Windows in Colorado Springs Cathedrals

Repairing Bulging or Sagging Stained Glass Windows in Colorado Springs Cathedrals

As stained glass begins to age and deteriorate, your congregation may notice unfortunate bulging or sagging in your Colorado Springs cathedral’s stained glass. This common occurrence tends to take place around the 75 year to 100 year mark when stained glass is due for renovation. Proper restoration is required in order to repair these signs of deterioration and for future generations to really enjoy these antique pieces as well.
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    How Long Will The Repair Take On My Colorado Springs Church?

How Long Will The Repair Take On My Colorado Springs Church?

Types Of Stained Glass Repairs And Timelines
Whether or not to have your Colorado Springs church stained glass repaired is probably something your congregation has considered at one time or another. We have found one of the most common hesitations when considering this is worrying about how long it will take for a craftsman to finish the repairs. After all, any sort of renovation can cause disruption to services and other church activities. We would love to tell you that all repairs are easy and done in as little as one day but the truth is, depending on the state of your stained glass, repairs could take anywhere from a single day to much, much longer. To get an idea of how long repairs for the glass on your Colorado Springs church’s stained glass window will take–read below.
Stained Glass Cleaning Time Frame
In general, stained glass cleaning can take as little as a day– for small to medium-sized churches. However, large Cathedrals or churches with big windows will take a bit longer because of the size and difficulty in reaching the windows. Also, if windows have not been cleaned ever or in a very long time, this could push the time estimate up dramatically.
Minor Repairs To Broken Stained Glass Pieces Timeframe
Smaller repairs such as replacing a few pieces of broken glass here and there are a quick repair when done by a trained professional. This work, called a “drop-in,” “stop-in,” or “open-lead” repair, simply means soldering the joint and replacing a small piece(s) of broken glass. If you have or need Zinc caming this process will take longer, because of the need for folding it back to repair or replace the [...]

Del Rio Profile Project– Church Stained Glass Restoration

We’ve completed hundreds of religious stained glass restorations over the past couple decades, but one of our favorite, larger projects was the First United Methodist Church located in Del Rio. Del Rio is a small border town located in Texas, featuring this beautiful, history-rich church. One of the church members actually noticed the beginning signs of deterioration. When we arrived for our on-site consultation, we were stunned by all the original stained glass housed in this quaint church. With 28 antique stained glass windows, there was so much rich imagery and symbolism that was inspiring to our team.
Del Rio Church Stained Glass Assessment
Our team of stained glass experts observed the stunning quality of the antique stained glass and all the beautiful hand painted details. It was quite evident however, that every piece required immediate restoration. The lead framing in each individual piece was beginning to warp with age and many of the glass pieces were becoming convex or concave in shape. We determined the root cause of deterioration as overexposure to heat. The original installers had placed plexiglass over the top of the stained glass which has led to trapped heat that inevitably warped the leading and glass. The plexiglass also developed a yellow hue from heat buildup, distorting the stained glass view from outside. Other causes of deterioration were determined in materials used and design faults. Our assessment allowed us to create a custom restoration plan to ensure these issues wouldn’t happen again.

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Church Stained Glass Restoration
Since all 28 windows needed extensive [...]

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    Great Churches of the World: US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel Stained Glass

Great Churches of the World: US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel Stained Glass

Stained glass is perhaps most famously known for its use in religious sites around the world. From beautiful rose windows to entire dome ceilings, due to its incredible detail and moving subject matters, religious stained glass is truly a sight to behold. But did you know that some of the most beautiful church stained glass windows are right here in Colorado Springs? That’s why we’ve decided to launch this series highlighting all of the incredible stained glass windows in Colorado Springs churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other sites of worship. Our first subject for our Great Churches of the World series is the U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel.

Church Chapel Stained Glass Restoration Colorado Springs

Iconic stained glass church windows dot the Colorado Springs architectural landscape. As time and technology advance, churches today rely on stained glass windows less for their function of physical light and more their value as ethereal art. They serve as majestic placeholders of tradition; transforming light into art. Now, as the artistic function of these stained glass church windows rises, so too do does the need to for upkeep and repair.

Colorado Springs Stained Glass for Your Church Window Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

As a caretaker of stained glass windows, it is imperative to clean and inspect them frequently and of course, schedule maintenance whenever necessary; properly fixed, rebuilt or repaired stained glass windows can easily last another 80-100 years. When the time comes for upkeep, choosing a seasoned professional is of the utmost importance; these stained glass windows are, after all, valuable relics of the past. Colorado Springs Stained Glass understands the gravity of this responsibility and offers Colorado Springs churches experienced craftsman to do the job right. We have been in the chapel and church stained glass window restoration and repair arena for 25+ years and we have over 20 artisans with a cumulative 200 years of experience between them. We are familiar with the juried process associated with religious iconography and are able to navigate the potentially complex political committee landscape. But most importantly, because Colorado Springs Stained glass shares the same respect for religious stained glass windows, our craftsman will carefully and artfully bring new life to your aging stained glass windows. The result of our dedication and care is church window restorations that are second [...]