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Stained Glass Design Ideas for Modern Kitchens

As far as the world of design is concerned there simply is no better design accent in a kitchen than a lovely stained glass window. While some may think that stained glass is an outdated design element–nothing could be further than the truth! For the modern home here in Colorado Springs and across the country, stained glass is an incredibly modern and attractive addition. To see just how wonderful it can be for your home, just look below at some of our favorite uses of stained glass in kitchens and see its modern appeal for yourself.
Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinets
A great use for stained glass in kitchens is on cabinet doors. It gives an amazing aesthetic and is incredibly truly eye-catching as well. However, the absolute best part about stained glass as cabinet doors in your kitchens is that you get plenty of coverage for clutter but still maintain a modern open cabinet feel.

Stained Glass Kitchen Windows Over Sinks
Stained glass over sinks in kitchens is useful in keeping you from staring into your neighbor’s home while doing you are absent-mindedly doing dishes. However, it also keeps eyes out of your kitchen as well. Also, since the kitchen is the most lived-in space in your home, it’s a great place to get creative with modern stained glass styles to accent your home. Nothing looks better with a crisp white modern decor in a home kitchen than the clean lines and stand-out pops of color–than stained glass.

Stained Glass Room Divider
Open floor plans are all the rage right now and for good reason–they really make good use of space. However, they can also leave you wanting for at least a bit of separation [...]

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    3 Amazing Historic Stained Glass Looks for Hotels In Colorado Springs

3 Amazing Historic Stained Glass Looks for Hotels In Colorado Springs

For hotels here in Colorado Springs, choosing the right stained glass is essential for design success. This is especially true for historic hotels, where keeping an antique vibe is critical. You definitely want to install windows that will keep the vibe of your establishment authentic–to keep pulling in visitors who come to you for just that! This is why we have gathered some of our most popular vintage styles stained glass window looks for hotels and even vintage homes here in Colorado Springs to aspire to.
Historic Stained Glass Ideas For Colorado Springs Hotels
1.  Mackintosh Stained Glass: His iconic designs include the Mackintosh Rose design, sometimes called the Glasgow Rose and is featured prominently in copious works of art worldwide. However, Mackintosh moved freely from design style to design style, meaning any work mirroring his style of design will fit well in your Colorado Springs hotel or hospitality venue.

2. Greene And Greene Stained Glass: A  lot of architecture here in Colorado was being constructed in the early 1900s. This is why the Greene and Greene or Craftsman style stained glass will fit perfectly into any historic hotel here in Colorado Springs. What’s more, the designs of these two inspired brothers has never really gone out of style, to begin with. A unique native beauty aesthetic is always seen in these windows with incredible attention to detail and color. All qualities that will elevate the decor of your Colorado Springs hotel.

3. Prairie Style Stained Glass: No mid-century modern throwback hotel would be complete without Prairie-style stained glass. Straight from the mind of one of the United State’s most influential designers, Frank Lloyd Wright, this stained glass is incredibly architectural with straight lines and geometric [...]