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    5 Favorite Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Colorado Springs

5 Favorite Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Colorado Springs

Renovations can be a lot to take on for any homeowner. For those looking into home projects, it’s always beneficial to look for investments that offer better property value and improved curb appeal. That’s why stained glass has always been a favorite. There are so many areas where you can install stained glass in but one of the popular favorites will always be the bathroom. Create your dream oasis for the perfect home spa getaway. Here are five bathroom stained glass windows for Colorado Springs.

Bathroom Stained Glass Window Choices for Your Colorado Springs Home






CSSG1: Check out this beautiful sliding window that utilizes only one pane for leaded glass. This is a wonderful example of what you can do with sliding glass windows in order to achieve the level of privacy you need.

CSSG2: We can create custom designs for any window shape including arched windows. For those looking for a more traditional look, this leaded glass design with bevel work is an excellent example.

CSSG3: If you’re looking for full privacy, colored stained glass is the way to go. This colorful, feminine design is stunning and the masterpiece for the area. We love the natural light illumination against the white bathroom.

CSSG4: For those looking to add a bit more design to their project, mission style is always one to explore. Mission-style stained glass can incorporate both leaded and stained glass to create better decor and privacy.

CSSG5: This modern look is great for keeping things simple and straightforward. With effective privacy, the leaded glass windows are wonderful for maintaining great sunlight.

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    Update Your Bathroom with Stained Glass for your Colorado Springs Home

Update Your Bathroom with Stained Glass for your Colorado Springs Home

Your bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in your home. It should be someplace where you can unwind at the end of a long day and feel free to be yourself. But if you have a bathroom window that overlooks your front yard or a neighbor’s home, you may not feel like you have the secluded, peaceful space you need to relax. That’s why you should consider updating the bathroom of your Colorado Springs home with stained glass! Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to use stained glass for bathroom renovations.