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    5 Favorite Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Colorado Springs

5 Favorite Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Colorado Springs

Renovations can be a lot to take on for any homeowner. For those looking into home projects, it’s always beneficial to look for investments that offer better property value and improved curb appeal. That’s why stained glass has always been a favorite. There are so many areas where you can install stained glass in but one of the popular favorites will always be the bathroom. Create your dream oasis for the perfect home spa getaway. Here are five bathroom stained glass windows for Colorado Springs.

Bathroom Stained Glass Window Choices for Your Colorado Springs Home






CSSG1: Check out this beautiful sliding window that utilizes only one pane for leaded glass. This is a wonderful example of what you can do with sliding glass windows in order to achieve the level of privacy you need.

CSSG2: We can create custom designs for any window shape including arched windows. For those looking for a more traditional look, this leaded glass design with bevel work is an excellent example.

CSSG3: If you’re looking for full privacy, colored stained glass is the way to go. This colorful, feminine design is stunning and the masterpiece for the area. We love the natural light illumination against the white bathroom.

CSSG4: For those looking to add a bit more design to their project, mission style is always one to explore. Mission-style stained glass can incorporate both leaded and stained glass to create better decor and privacy.

CSSG5: This modern look is great for keeping things simple and straightforward. With effective privacy, the leaded glass windows are wonderful for maintaining great sunlight.

Work With Colorado Springs’ Number One Bathroom Stained Glass Studio

Colorado Springs Stained Glass is proud to be the number one bathroom stained glass studio serving the [...]

Home Stained Glass Elements and Styles

Are you looking to add a stunning, customized stained glass window to your home? Look no further! Our professional designers specialize in creating exquisite works of art with just the right elements. In this post, we will provide insight into some of the most popular pieces and what they bring to our unique designs. Read on for more information about these beautiful components so that you can determine which features best suit your desired stained glass windows!

Stained Glass for Colorado Springs Homes

Transform the look of your home with a unique stained glass display! From traditional pieces depicting religious imagery to more contemporary interpretations featuring abstract shapes and dynamic colors, you can find just the right piece for your space. With such an extensive variety from which to choose, there are truly no limits when it comes to designing with stained glass.

With dazzling stained glass, you can enjoy greater privacy and still let natural light filter through your home. From rich hues to leaded cames and curved tiles, the possibilities are endless! More than ever before, this timeless beauty is now customizable to match the style of any Colorado Springs dwelling. Allow yourself a work of art that inspires admiration while bringing in warmth from outside – with stained glass.

Why Stained Glass Works Well in Colorado Springs Homes

Stained glass is a classic beauty that is having a resurgence in Colorado Springs abodes today. Its mesmerizing colors and textures can bring any room to life, and its timeless elegance adds chicness to windows, doors, and more! Not only does it look stunning but also exudes warmth and style – what’s not to like?

Not only does stained glass add a beautiful aesthetic to a property’s design, but [...]

Featured Stained Glass Restoration Project: Rose Hills

At Colorado Springs Stained Glass, we get the opportunity to work on all types of stained glass windows. This is truly a pleasure for us. We are great admirers of stained glass artisans. It’s an honor to be able to be restore their masterpieces and keep their artwork alive. Recently, we had the chance to work on a particularly rewarding project that involved a unique style of glass artwork called Dalle Glass. Below, we’ve discussed this stained glass restoration project in detail and how our Colorado Springs team contributed to the preservation of the Dalle Glass.
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    How Colorado Springs Properties Can Benefit From Residential Stained Glass

How Colorado Springs Properties Can Benefit From Residential Stained Glass

Finding ways to improve the beauty and function of your home can be exhausting. This is especially true if you’re looking for creative options that really make a statement. For those interested in making their homes stand out while improving property value and privacy needs, stained glass might just be the answer you’re looking for. When it comes to stained glass art, this is becoming more and more popular among homes. Here’s how Colorado Springs properties can benefit from residential stained glass.

The Advantages of Residential Stained Glass for Your Colorado Springs Home

Entryways and bathrooms: Some of the most popular areas among homeowners as well as our team are the entryway and bathroom. These places make bold statement pieces for stained glass and also help with better property function. Entryways can lack privacy with nosy neighbors viewing in while also making the first impression on guests. Stained glass delivers a solution for blocking unwanted views inside while giving the best impression for those walking through your entryway. Bathrooms can transform into ultimate getaways for homeowners with stained glass as well – this solution works to block views, is great for high-humidity areas, and can also make your home an oasis.

Basement window wells: Basements are common in the Springs with many having window wells. These window wells can be ugly, to say the least but homeowners often don’t want to hide them with curtains or other privacy solutions since this can impact the lighting. Stained glass offers a wonderful way to hide these wells while making sure you have visible light throughout. Make your basement a desirable place to enjoy.

Work With Colorado Springs’ Leading Residential Stained Glass Contractor

Colorado Springs Stained Glass is proud to [...]

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    The Three Top Reasons Denver Homeowners Install Stained Glass 

The Three Top Reasons Denver Homeowners Install Stained Glass 

In the last quarter-century, we have aided many homeowners in Colorado Springs with installing stained glass on their homes. Unanimously, our customers have been pleased with the results. Stained glass not only augments a home’s beauty but provides other advantages as well. Here are three primary reasons our clients come to us initially for stained glass installation services.

Stained Glass For  Privacy in Your Colorado Springs Home

Stained glass is a top privacy solution for Colorado Springs homeowners because, as this metropolis has grown, residences have been erected closer to one another. This phenomenon creates the need for stained glass in parts of homes that require privacy, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Furthermore, sidelights next to front doors are also popular locations for stained glass since it provides not only privacy but security.

Stained Glass for Adding Resale Value to Your Colorado Springs Home

Adding stained glass is a great way to increase your home’s value, both in terms of curb appeal and appraised value. Many customers come to us looking for lovely stained glass windows to upgrade the decor of their homes, but what they don’t realize is that stained glass also comes with a significant financial return on investment. In fact, stained glass often appraises for over 10x the initial cost, making it one of the smartest investments you can make in your Colorado Springs home.

Stained Glass For a Custom Colorado Springs Home Look

A lot of the people who buy stained glass from us are looking for a custom look to their home. There is truly nothing better to add unique style to a home than stained glass. Whether it is created for a modern or vintage home, stained glass will fit right in. Also, we [...]

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    The Five Amazing Modern Stained Glass Accounts to Follow on Instagram

The Five Amazing Modern Stained Glass Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Though it often has a reputation for being outdated, stained glass is currently experiencing a renaissance. This old art form is now enjoying new popularity, particularly on social media sites like Instagram. Home to some of the best examples of contemporary stained glass work, Instagram provides endless inspiration for anyone interested in this craft. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of five must-follow accounts from talented artists working in this medium today!

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 1

This artist’s use of soft colors and simple shapes creates beautiful, otherworldly stained glass wall hangings. Additionally, her minimalist approach is not only aesthetically pleasing but also part of her wide appeal.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 2


This artist has taken vintage-style stained glass and given it a beautiful new spin. Utilizing bold geometric shapes and contemporary color schemes, she creates stunning wall hangings that are perfect for any 21st-century home.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 3


This glass artist creates magical stained glass windows utilizing ancient Arabic designs. His strong use of colors makes his artwork eye-catching and gives it a contemporary feel.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 4


This glass artist transforms gorgeous everyday items into lovely works of art. Her most popular products, however, are her lovely stained glass hair combs.

Modern Stained Glass Instagram Artist 5

This firm produces a lot of stained glass windows, both contemporary and antique. They are our parent company, and although everything they do is amazing, their most stunning work is their modern stained glass architectural installations!

Modern Stained Glass Designer in City

For over 25 years, our firm has been creating stained glass. We are the number one choice in the city for traditional or contemporary stained glass design. Contact us now for a [...]

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    Stained Glass restoration: Do it Yourself or Hire A Stained Glass Expert?

Stained Glass restoration: Do it Yourself or Hire A Stained Glass Expert?

Churches have beautiful stained glass, which symbolizes the history of various religions in the United States. We have several magnificent churches in Colorado Springs with stunning stained glass to match. These pieces of art must be conserved so that future generations may enjoy them. Stained glass restoration is time-consuming and expensive; therefore, some congregations may want to undertake it themselves. The good news is that when it comes to stained glass maintenance, you can do a few simple tasks yourself. More substantial repairs and restorations should be handled by a professional though.
DIY Church Stained Glass Maintenance
The majority of church stained glass repairs may be completed by a seasoned stained glass artist. However, there are a few things groundskeepers may do to preserve the glass and keep it looking nice for churchgoers.

Light Cleaning Of Your Stained Glass: Like any other window, stained glass becomes dirty and dusty with time. Stained glass does not need to be removed for simple cleaning. To clean, simply use distilled water and a light cloth to gently rub away the dust stand grime. If the windows are painted, be sure they are fired, otherwise, you could remove the paint when cleaning.

Maintain wood frames around the Stained Glass: The wood frames used in your Colorado Springs church’s stained glass windows are important components that keep the whole structure steady. For this reason, moisture sealant and paint should be applied to keep the wood in good working order. Apply these sealants as directed but avoid getting them on the glass or lead. They might cause harm to the appearance of the glass and even remove painted stained glass finishes.

Replace missing or loose putty when needed:   Your church maintenance employee can [...]

Leaded Glass for Privacy in Your Colorado Springs Home

Stained glass has been beloved for centuries and has often been thought of as a lost art form. This highly versatile medium is making a comeback for all property types ranging from residential homes to event centers. When it comes to investing in stained glass, many property owners often only see its value when it comes to the beautiful, one-of-a-kind aesthetic that it offers. Both stained glass and leaded glass can provide numerous benefits for homes and virtually any property type. For those interested in leaded glass for their Colorado Springs homes, you can also enjoy the incredible privacy and functionality they provide.
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    Update Your Bathroom with Stained Glass for your Colorado Springs Home

Update Your Bathroom with Stained Glass for your Colorado Springs Home

Your bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in your home. It should be someplace where you can unwind at the end of a long day and feel free to be yourself. But if you have a bathroom window that overlooks your front yard or a neighbor’s home, you may not feel like you have the secluded, peaceful space you need to relax. That’s why you should consider updating the bathroom of your Colorado Springs home with stained glass! Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to use stained glass for bathroom renovations.
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    Futuristic Fundraising Ideas for Church Stained Glass Restorations

Futuristic Fundraising Ideas for Church Stained Glass Restorations

Stained glass is something that many Colorado Springs churches take pride in and it has meaning to their congregation. These windows often represent the history of a church so preserving them is important for that reason alone.  However, stained-glass preservation is expensive and almost no church has the money to do it on hand.  Luckily there are several modern ways churches can now raise funds online for their church stained glass restoration.
Why Churches Should Use Modern Technology to Fundraise for Stained Glass Restoration
While not all churches have a lot of extra cash on hand, the stained glass restoration projects for their iconic windows are worth it. As we’ve seen working with many different congregations in our time restoring these beautiful pieces of artwork–churches always find raising funds was well worth it.  Happily, technology has made fundraising more accessible than ever before too! Check out some modern ideas below.
Online Fundraising Ideas for Church Stained Glass
Fundraising is certainly not a new concept for non-profit organizations. But we wanted to outline some of the most successful things we have seen local Colorado Springs churches start doing.

GoFundMe: One of the newest ways to raise money for causes is called GoFundMe. This website allows people and organizations to crowdfund for things they care about, which can be either personal or charitable in nature. The setup process is fairly simple with a few details like how much you want your donations raised goal to be as well as an introduction video that shows where all this money will go towards – whether it’s food, education programs, or even medical supplies! Sharing the project on social media just got easier too with their new Facebook integration feature–now [...]