Stained glass offers more than just an aesthetically pleasing feature in Colorado Springs churches. For many, the stained glass housed in their church symbolizes individual messages and powerful imagery that’s pertinent to the worshipping process. Therefore, it’s beneficial to keep up with your stained glass pieces not just for your congregation but also to increase your church’s equity and antique value. Consistent upkeep allows stained glass to be enjoyed and treasured by all the generations to come.

Cleaning & Strengthening Your Colorado Springs Church’s Stained Glass

Regular upkeep can make all the difference when it comes to prolonging your stained glass’ life. Ensuring proper reinforcements have been installed and kept up with is vital to sustaining your stained glass. Moisture is the main culprit of deterioration. Moisture exposure is unavoidable but allowing moisture to sit on your stained glass windows can warp the glass as well as the lead came. As stained glass ages, it’s possible for moisture to creep into pockets of the stained glass making a hospitable home for fungus and mold to grow. Fungus and mold accelerates stained glass deterioration and can cause irreversible damage. Weekly cleanings and wipe downs ensures there’s no moisture buildup or opportunities for mold to live in your stained glass. It’s vital to keep up with your stained glass maintenance in order to prolong time periods in between restoration as well as to keep your stained glass in the best condition possible.

Lead Safety from Colorado Springs Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Restoring Your Colorado Springs Church’s Stained Glass

If your religious stained glass has suffered from mold and moisture exposure, we can help by restoring it to its original glory. Restoration updates and replaces all damaged pieces, ensuring your beloved stained glass looks like new. Your congregation will be shocked by how stunning your newly restored stained glass shines and sparkles.

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